Our Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

SDI envisions to see South Sudanese people living empowered, friendly, respect the right of children, have proper health system, have knowledge on how to preserve their environment and sanitation, access to basic education and are fully aware of conflict tearing their social fabrics.


Empowered to make differences.

Mission Statement

Transformation of youth hatred attitudes to harmony, to adopt an improved and upgraded peaceful South Sudan communities in both urban and rural communities through advocacy based in the areas of Proper nutrition and child rights awareness, education, Health, environment and sanitation.

Our goal is to deliver high impact, cost effective, & culturally competent capacity building programs to people of South Sudan, particularly to the children, women& youth.

Specific objectives:

  • To raise awareness, understanding and knowledge on Child rights and other general protection matters to the South Sudan people in general.
  • To raise awareness on both formal and informal in health programs
  • To promote peacefully forum for community reconciliation
  • To promote health, water,agriculture,hygiene and sanitation awareness among the communities
  • To promote Hiv/Aids awareness campaigns
  • To create awareness on environmental protection
  • To encourage the protection and protection of resources in south Sudan at large
  • To improve the environmental and sanitation conditions in south Sudan.
  • To provide and improve medical centers for the communities
  • To promote education and literacy though supporting the school going children.
  • To empower youth and women economically through providing them with the training reelected to financial management.
  • To promote peace unity and harmony in South Sudan through engaging the people in dialogue.
  • To protect and preserves environment since it plays significant role in our day-to-day activities.
  • To promote agriculture through environmental conservation .
  • To eradicate gender based violence in south Sudan since it assumed to be the root cause of  families instabilities.
  • To protect and support the children in south Sudan irrespective