Vision Statement

SDI envisions to see South Sudanese people living empowered, friendly, respect the right of children, have proper health system, have knowledge on how to preserve their environment and sanitation, access to basic education and are fully aware of conflict tearing their social fabrics.


Empowered to make differences.

Mission Statement

Transformation of youth hatred attitudes to harmony, to adopt an improved and upgraded peaceful South Sudan communities in both urban and rural communities through advocacy based in the areas of Proper nutrition and child rights awareness, education, Health, environment and sanitation.

SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE ORGANISATION (SDI) is a registered South Sudanese non-governmental organization (Reg. No.2095) whose registration date is 24th, March 2019

The mission of the organization is to promote, through enterprise-led approach, use of appropriate systems for implementation of sustainable grassroots projects that help provide solutions to health-related ailments, child abuses, education and peace building,socio-economic inequalities and environmental conservation issues by building skills, influencing people and supporting livelihoods and sustainable growth in economic opportunities.

We work in the domain of promoting sustainable access to quality health and education solutions, appropriate safe water and sanitation technologies, sustainable agriculture/agribusiness livelihood technologies, environmental and management innovation.

We  work with  communities  to  achieve  this  vision  and  mission  through  culturally respectful and participatory processes grounded in our belief that people must have a stake in their development and contribute towards solving their own problems.

We believe that, when people are provided with simple, cost effective approaches and empowered with skills, information and opportunities to fulfill their potential, and given the space  to make transformative  choices,  then  we  will  achieve  our  vision  of  building empowered, vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities.

Our Beliefs Rest upon our Core Values

Our Core Values

Mutual Respect

We believe in mutual respect and thereby recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of their unique experiences.


We believe in equity and we will work to ensure equal opportunity to everyone, irrespective of race, age, gender, sexual orientation, class, ethnicity, disability, location and religion.