Strategic Pragmatic Areas

Overall, the below priority areas have been identified based

on our global focus of Empowering Children and Young People, Protecting Natural Resources and Improving Education and Health. Our work thus falls into the following global strategic programmatic areas:






Food Security & Livelihood (FSL)

Peace, Unity and Reconciliation

Capacity building and advisory services

Gender Based Violence (GBV)

Child Protection

Water, hygiene and sanitation (WASH)

All SDI programs and projects of SDI utilize simple, easy-to-use, cheap systems (appropriate interventions & approaches) to Empower People (mainly Women and Youth), Protect Natural Resources, child protection, education and Improve Health and wash.

Our strategic outcomes are as follows:

Sustainable Livelihood

  1. Increased access to affordable and sustainable livelihood opportunities among the community members with special emphasis on women and youth to enable them improves their incomes and living standards

Inclusive Essential Services

  1. Increased access to inclusive essential services including health and safe water, shelter, improved ambient air quality and sustained healthy living practices among the community members to enable them live harmoniously with the environmen

Environmental Management

  1. Increased productivity and incomes for communities through best land, water and forest management practices and use of appropriate technologies that reduce pollution and land, water and forest degradation, promote sustainable use of natural resources and ensure maintenance of critical ecosystem function